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Level: Fundamental- learn the newest Microblading (hair stroke simulation)  and Powder/Ombre eyebrows techniques  done by patented hand Softap techniques

No previous beauty or tattooing experience is required, nor high school equivalent. Must be 18 yrs old and complete Blood Borne Pathogen Test before coming to the course. You might check www.cathymonthie.com

Duration: 3 consecutive Days:  usually 9.30am-5.30pm/6.00pm

Theory is thought  only virtual, via ZOOM on September 3rd.

Intense Hands-On Experience with Microblading+ powder Microshading brows are done on second and third day;  The location address will be provided after course registration.

Student is responsible to bring own models (free of charge): one for microblading, one for combo, one for powder/ombre on the second and third day.

BONUS: fundamental color theory and color correction

Location: Valparaiso

If you need to arrange a payment plan or private training, please contact [email protected]

All payments must be completed before starting the course. An additional 3% convenience and the invoicing fee will be added to all payments done with a credit card. To avoid the transaction fee, please transfer money via Zelle to 773 641 3373; you will receive an invoice.

Opportunity for  apprentice and ongoing coaching in person at the Chicago location are available under a contract, please email your request

Financing opportunity: please, apply for Paypal interest-free loan  (participant must apply on her/his own)


How much  you will learn:

Personalized attention to the learning style and needs of every Participant is guaranteed;

Insurance coverage and tattoo  license coverage for course duration are guaranteed so you can  safely practice on life models

Premium starter kit: – student will keep 100% for use on his/her clients, manual  e-book

International Soft Tap brand certification upon full course completion

100 hours combine theory with hands-on practice (self study+ hands-on practice)

All necessary supply and PPE wear for procedures is provided by Om SPA; must wear a mask at the spa; currently, vaccination is an option.

Lifetime exclusive  discount for all purchases of permanent makeup supply done via our online store www.omspamicrobladingacademy.com/product-category/colors/

Bring a friend to the course to receive $100 Referral BONUS!

We support our students with finding models (up to 3 life models);

Learn all tricks and tips from Catrina- 30 yrs experienced  Master Trainer, licensed Esthetician, international educator, and first place AAM awarded pmu technician!

Very small group up to 4 students maximum for safety and highest training quality

Lifetime support via emails, text messages, and Facebook group

We help you and guide you on how to  startup and market your business (website, social media, client management,  setting pricing, finding of licensing, insurance)

Five stars rated in Chicago land and Midwest tattoo licensed facility -learn in save the environment


Have more questions, please email[email protected]


-You must be 18+ years old with a proven, valid state ID to participate.

-No previous experience or any school diplomas are not required (no high school, college, esthetics, cosmetology, or nail technician, a medical license, etc., are not necessary, however having a

beauty or art experience might be helpful)

Must complete a Blood Borne Pathogens Test for tattoo artists online/we recommend Cathy Montie’s Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Training (must be emailed or printed BEFORE COURSE startup date ). This is a must for participants’ hands-on practices on life models. Other places/courses can be  Google for, just make sure that are OSHA compliant and accepted in your state.

-Must sign up Course Enrollment Agreement via DocuSign

-It is in Participant’s responsibility to find out/do his/her own research about local/state law applying to registering, operating a tattoo parlor -business and/or licensing for a tattoo artist before registering for the course

-Please provide us:  with your valid photo ID photo, Hepatitis B vaccination document, or signed declination (Microblading is tattoo-that means, the participant will be exposed to a biohazard environment: (needles and potential contact with blood and other body fluids)

-Non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee must be paid at registration time in full

-Remaining balance tuition is past due 14 business days before the course beginning date

-Payment plan is available upon mutual agreement-add an extra 3% to every payment; payments can be done: weekly, biweekly, monthly and must  be completed before coming to the course (the quantity of the payments will decide on the course  startup date)

-Fluent English speaking, reading, writing, and understanding (courses in Polish are available too).

-Good 20/20 vision and artistic eye for both shape and color

-Steady hands, detailed orientated

-Desire to help people look and feel THEIR BEST

Who this course is not recommended to:

Anybody who does not like to work/serve/help people, cannot look at the blood, has no patience and passion to keep practicing and learning

If looking for “over the night” quick fix finances- we will teach you solid techniques/ foundation, but your experience will come over the time, with lots of  practice and dedication

Om SPA Instructors and Staff are rigorously trained in all phases of Permanent Makeup technology. Programs are updated to keep pace with the latest techniques and procedures. Ensuring our participants, the best education possible. This is to guarantee confidence and satisfaction that you are learning from the best (Catrina is first place AAM awarded in USA PMU technician -2011) offers complete training and certification in Permanent Makeup, however, each state has its own rules and regulations governing this profession. Please check your state and city for approved policies and procedures.

What will you learn:

-Easy, step by step with intense hands-on experience learning modules

-FREE BONUS- learn color correction over old tattooed/micro bladed brows

-Difference between Microblading versa Powder-Microshading techniques and loo

-Sanitation, Sterilization, station set up, and breaking down

-How to create 3D artistic, hyper-realistic hair strokes to mimic beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows

-10 minutes Brows Mapping/shaping, designing according to the client’s face structure

-How to achieve eyebrows perfect symmetry including Golden Mean Caliper and thread

-Color theory and pigments: Catrina’s custom pigments blend secrets and formulas for long-lasting, beautiful brows

-Skin undertones/Fitzpatrick  color theory

-” Smear & Match” easy pigment selection

-Best needles/equipment selection according to skin type, age, and design

-Hair strokes placement, practice on false skin, mannequins’ heads, and life models


-Read yourself work- Catrina’s troubleshooting tips and tricks on how to avoid mistakes

-Client management: consultation,  contraindications, benefits,  pre and aftercare,  retention, handling complaints with grace

-Business set up: learn about secrets for opening and operating a successful business from scratch to 6 figures,  service pricing structure,  booking appointments, and much more

-How and where to find clients-proven methods


Attendance: Class attendance is the participant’s responsibility. If any student feels they are unable to complete the course as needed, they must notify the instructor immediately so that other arrangements can be made. The tuition amount will remain the same.

Canceled or Relocated Classes: Om SPA. LLC reserves the right to cancel a class at its discretion if the attendance does not meet our minimum requirements. Students shall be notified and refunded 100% of their amount paid if the class is canceled. Om SPA, LLC reserves the right to relocate a class if unforeseen circumstances force us to do so. Students will be notified as soon as the new location information is confirmed and established.

Questions or Grievances: Om SPA, LLC will make every effort to resolve any concerns that a student may have, and such questions should be submitted to [email protected] as soon as it is practical to do so.

Call SPA office: 773 853 839, Cellphone/Text/ Zelle :  773 641 3373

 The Om Spa, LLC Student Kit is included for each student who has paid the full tuition amount and complete 100% course time.






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No Addons, + Scalp Microblanding 1 Day – $1250

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