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 Two Days Fundamental Lip Blushing Tattoo Course 

For students with no previous pmu experience, the machine and kit are included in the price. (Booking fee $500)

Location: OM SPA, LLC, 5910 W. Lawrence Ave Suite A, Chicago, IL 60630, USA

Non-Refundable booking fee must be paid in full at the registration, to reserve your spot.

Technique: Machine and manual SofTap techniques


What you will learn:

Specific color theory and techniques of pigment application that apply to lip blushing (excluding melanin-rich lips)

Lips drawing and design: how to bring more symmetry, enlarge lips and select the best colors

Lip liner,

Full lip Color/blush: Pixel lips and Magnificent Lips signature techniques of Om SPA

Starter kit + machine is included…

Lifetime ongoing support via text, email, and Facebook group

We do offer daily /or monthly rent station opportunities after completing the course with special rates for our students.

Receive internationally valid PMU Lip Blush Certification upon completion.

Exclusive Lifetime Discount for our students on purchase of Pmu pigments and topicals via our website www.omspamicrobladingacademy.com/product-category/colors/   after applying provided coupon code.

We provide all additional supplies for the course’s duration; students keep the kit for clients. Also, we support students with finding models (we search for them with paid advertising).

Coverage by tattoo insurance and practicing under a licensed and inspected facility for the course duration. After training, you might RECEIVE a discount for future tattoo insurance, if you are a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist, and wish to purchase your insurance from ASCP when mentioning OM SPA.


-It is in Student’s responsibility to find out/do his/her research about local/state law applying to operating a tattoo parlor business and/or working as a tattoo artist BEFORE coming to the course

– Student is responsible for bringing her/his models with them so can keep track of her/his work (your models will be your best local and first walking billboards);  we also will help find the models.

-Lip blushing is considered the tattoo so permanent makeup too

-All courses start at 12pm at 5.30 pm/6.00 pm except if not agreed differently


-TUITION IS PAST DUE 14 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE COURSE BEGINNING DATE. If register at the last minute within less than 14 days, full payment must be done at once,  before coming to the course

-Must be 21 yrs. old with a valid state ID,

-For some of the courses no previous experience is necessary but being a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist, nail tech or makeup artist is very helpful

-Must complete a Blood Borne Pathogens test / BEFORE CLASS STARTS. We recommend https://www.cathymontie.com but you might Google for another.

100 hours course includes a self-study portion (provided time for self-study is only pre-estimated-everyone has a different learning speed.)

-God’s 20/20 vision and artistic eye for both shape and color,

-Steady hands; desire to help people LOOK THEIR BEST

-Must sign up for Enrollment Agreemenvia DocuSign ( it will be emailed to you after registration) for every course separately

-Must wear a mask to prevent the spread of Covid 19, vaccination card is not required yet. Please, we recommend doing a Covid test if possible 24-48h before coming


At the house, financing is available (pay the registration fee and keep making payments until you paid off completely BEFORE coming to the course).

Other financing options are available via Paypal  https://www.paypal.com/workingcapital/   and private lending companies.

We are accepting only up to 6 students maximum per one-course type, to keep up with safety and the highest training quality.


Semi-private training is available 2 students to one instructor or one instructor or PRIVATE 1:1 training is available with 50% more payments

Would you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected] or submit questions via the website: www.omspachicago.com or call the office: 773 853 0839, Cell: 773 641 3373.

We are excited to see you soon!



Add Extras

No Addons, Premium starter kit including a rotary machine with supplies – $350

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