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Time & Location: 12.00pm-6.00pm

All levels

OM SPA, LLC, 5910 W Lawrence Ave suite A, Chicago, IL 60630,

  • Starter kit with lash and eyebrows lifting solution and varierty of tinting colors included
  • Certification upon completion
  • Student must carry on valide state licesned for  Esthetician or Cosmetologist
  • It is in Student responsibility to find out/do his/her own research about local/state law applying to operating tattoo parlor business and/or work as a tattoo artist

I. Introduction

A. Overview of Lash and Eyebrows Aesthetics

B. Importance of Lamination, Tinting, and Shaping in Facial Enhancement C. Safety Precautions and Client Consultation

II. Understanding Lash and Eyebrows Anatomy

A. Detailed Anatomy of Eyelashes and Eyebrows

B. Growth Cycle and Maintenance

C. Common Issues and Concerns

III. Lash and Eyebrows Lamination Techniques A. Introduction to Lamination Process

B. Types of Lamination Solutions

C. Step-by-Step Application Guide 1. Preparing the Client 2. Application Process 3. Safety Measures During Lamination

D. Aftercare and Maintenance Tips

IV. Eyebrows and Lash Tinting Procedures A. Importance of Tinting in Aesthetics

B. Types of Tinting Products

C. Step-by-Step Tinting Application 1. Choosing the Right Tint Color 2. Application Techniques 3. Safety Precautions

D. Aftercare for Tinted Lashes and Eyebrows

V. Shaping Eyebrows with Eyebrows Mapping

A. Introduction to Eyebrows Mappin with string, hand free and caliper methods

B. Understanding Face Shapes and Brow Styles

C. Step-by-Step Mapping Technique 1. Brow Measurements 2. Arch Placement 3. Tail Definition

D. Achieving Symmetry and Balance

VI. Combined Lamination, Tinting, and Shaping Services

A. Creating a Comprehensive Aesthetic Experience

B. Customizing Services for Individual Client Needs

C. Managing Time Effectively during Combined Procedures

VII. Troubleshooting Common Issues A. Addressing Allergic Reactions B. Dealing with Uneven Results C. Providing Solutions for Over-Tinting or Lamination D. Troubleshooting Brow Shaping Challenges

VIII. Marketing and Business Strategies

A. Building a Service Menu

B. Pricing Strategies for Combined Services

C. Marketing Your Aesthetic Services

D. Client Retention and Referral Programs

IX. Continuing Education and Skill Enhancement A. Staying Updated with Industry Trends B. Workshops and Advanced Training Opportunities C. Networking with Industry Professionals

X. Legal and Ethical Considerations

A. Adhering to Health and Safety Regulations

B. Client Consent and Documentation

C. Professionalism and Code of Ethics

XI. Resources and Recommended Products

A. List of Quality Lamination, Tinting, and Shaping Products

B. Educational Materials and Books

C. Online Resources and Forums for Aesthetic Professionals

XII. Conclusion

A. Recap of Key Points

B. Encouraging Ongoing Learning and Skill Development

C. The Future of Lash, Eyebrows Aesthetics, and Brow Shaping with Mapping


Registration Ticket Policy

Its participant responsibility to check State Laws that applies to performing lash and eyebrows lift and tint services in your saaatate.

Once you signed up for the course we admitted, that you already have done the research, and there is no money refund or cancellation available.


-NON-REFUNDABLE,  BOOKING FEE MUST BE PAID at REGISTRATION TIME in full, no exception! This is first come first save tcourse.  Hovewer the course dates can be transfered to another time/ course within 60 calendar days. You must inform Om SPA academy about your reqest in written form by email to [email protected]


-God 20/20 vision and artistic eye for both shape and color,

-Steady hands; desire to help people LOOK THEIR BEST

-Must sign up Enrollment Agreement for every course separately

At the house financing option is available (pay booking fee to reserve spot,than keep making payments  until all is paid off before coming to the course).

Other financing option are available via Paypal and  Affirm -third parties  landing companies.

We are accepting only up to 10 students per this  course to keep up with safety and training quality.

PRIVATE 1:1 training is available with 50% more.

Would you have any questions, please e-mail to [email protected] or call office: 773 853 0839, Cell: 773 641 3373.


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