Learn application of areola nipple tattoo/ color reconstruction (lateral and bilateral) with  illusion of nipple protrusion with manual, patented SofTap  tool application

LOCATION (currently only here):  at 5910 W. Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

 For training in your facility and availability in scheduling please email to : or call 773 853 0839.

We will review your information and you will be contacted if your office is a good fit for the services we offer.

The one-day Advanced Areola Complex Tattoo Training/Non- Clinical Program/  is created for all tattoo artist  that want to extend their skills  with technique of areola nipple tattoo complex and add on new service. All participants must prove competency in permanent makeup skills prior to enrolling one day course, unless successfully completed Fundamental (Full Face Permanent Makeup Manual Course or Million Dollar Eyebrows  Permanent Makeup Training Program).

The two-days Fundamental  Areola program/Non-Clinical/ is customized for all medical professionals who would like to learn how to create the realistic appearance of a natural nipple areola (s) and how to properly color-match in the case of a unilateral mastectomy (dates upon student request)

Medical professionals will learn how to use varied subtle colors with diffused perimeters, rather than the usual “cookie-cutter” look which is often the result when someone who is not artistically trained in this area does areola tattooing. Also, very much in demand, is the “3-D” nipple tattooing. This technique, obviously, is for the patient who has had a mastectomy without the creation of nipple(s). You will learn how to design and shade the skin properly while creating the illusion of a “protruding” nipple. This program also includes learning scar camouflage for various body parts, including scars post breast mastectomy or breast augmentation;


Consultations: Understanding the top questions your clients/patients will ask and how to give clear expectations.

Technique: Choose one method from: a rotary tattoo machine or  SoTtap patented hand technique

Learn proper speed, tapping and handling for each type of procedure.

Reconstructions: Reviewing and studying the different types and knowing your canvas in order to choose the correct tools.

Scar Tissue: The types of scar tissue that can be corrected with paramedical tattoo.

Color Theory: Understanding of the undertones in colors to match different skin types.
Proper Techniques, Hand Position, Proper Stretching: Practical and visual learning.
Manual Tool/Needle Configuration: Practical and visual learning. Including sizes, groupings, taping technique, depth, textures and choosing the correct needle for each procedure.
3D Nipples: How to create the illusion and what to use.

Color Mixing: what colors to use for each skin type..
Intensive Needle Understanding/Skin Types: Details on Catrina’s secret trick to match each skin type.
Aftercare:  you need to give to your clients.
Charting: Proper record to track and understand each client.
Photography: how to take best photos before and after
Marketing: How to creates business opportunities and awareness about your services .



Attire: Closed toed shoes. Eye wear if needed. Comfortable clothes

Camera/Device: To take before and after pictures of your work. We recommend you bring a good quality camera for a nice close up (iPhone or Samsung works). We will not send photos after the class completion.



Airport: O’Haire  Airport

Class Times: Class days are from 9:30am – 5.30pm; *estimated times subject to change*

Lodging: We recommend staying in Aloft or in another Rosemont ;  also, you may want to consider looking into Airbnb for reduced rates.



Requirements:-Must have PMU or Microblading experience/ certification

-It is in Student” responsibility to find out/do his/her own research about local/state law applying to operating tattoo parlor business and/or work as a tattoo artist

-All courses start at 9.30 am to 5.30pm/6.00pm except if not agree differently


-Must be 21 yrs. old with valid state ID,

-For some of the courses no previous experience is necessary but being licensed esthetician, cosmetologist, nail tech or makeup artist is very helpful

-Must complete a Blood Borne Pathogens test /we recommend www.emergencyuniversity.com and present certificate BEFORE CLASS STARTS.

-God 20/20 vision and artistic eye for both shape and color,

-Steady hands; desire to help people LOOK THEIR BEST

-Must sign up Enrollment Agreement for every course separately

Financing available (pay deposits and make a payment until you paid off. Other financing option are available via Paypal and private loan landing companies.

We are accepting only up to 6 students per one course type, to keep up with safety and training quality.

Would you have any questions, please e-mail to or  call office: 773 853 0839, Cell: 773 641 3373.

Course dates are subject to change 

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